Why HT5C?

HT5C with new designs :
-1. Track Design
-2. Slide Plate Design
-3. Stopper Design
-4. Transmission Device
-5. Different steel material with special coating, which with the 3 times of special hardness

      treatment with mirror polish by chromium plating on the machine body and parts, which to

      make the machine with longer product life and high performance after years.

* Less cost transformer production.                * No need to worry about machine repairing

* Less loss of the EI lamination material.        * No worry about machine maintenance

* Less labor cost.                                                 * Easy maintenance and fewer repair needs

* Less lead time for your transformer order.   * Japanese-made steel with durable

1 customer said: Concerning your machines, they are excellent, and my operators are happy to

   use them. As happy as someone could be using a machine 8 hours a day. This has been a

   good help.
1 customer said: I am happy to say that all appears well with the machine and we are very happy

   with its operation.

Manual EI Lamination Stacking Machine

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Manual EI Lamination Stacking Machine